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Thu Nov 7 11:32:00 CET 2002

"David Aparicio Campos" <daparic at> writes:

> I'm also looking at the code, and I would have found useful this guide =
> too. It would be ok to pay the price for me! :-)
> At this moment I still don't have the hardware (a reference board from =
> National) but I have been able to build a LinuxBIOS image, still some =
> questions about what to flash on it.
> I would prefer to post all my doubts to a single person, the resume them =
> and write the guide once, then post it in the list or whatever. Makes =
> this sense?

I think it's best if you send your questions to the mailinglist since
the collected knowledge here is rather large.  Since I'm the author of
the SCx200 code so far I know a lot about the Geode system itself, but
I don't know all that much about LinuxBIOS in general, and some of the
recent changes such as the uncompression code might have broken
something in my code.


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