Intel 440MX project

Richard A. Smith rsmith at
Thu Nov 7 11:19:00 CET 2002

Ok... Finally after almost 1.5 years.  We (Bitworks) got the go
(complete with a PO) to build a system that uses linuxbios.  

Its going to be a mostly based on our 440BX based system but we want
to use the the 440MX for to the low power CPU use, built in AC97 and
North-South bridge integration into one BGA.

The 440MX seems to have some nifty features as well.  Like the
ability to assign the top 4Megs of address space to the 8-bit X-bus. 
Which is good since I have a lot of stuff I need to get into flash.

An interesting feature that I'll have to add to LinuxBIOS fir this
project is digital signature checking (via SHA1 and DSS) of both the
bios image and the payload.   My plan is to raid GPGP for most of
this.  Our customers Public keys and the BIOS image check will be
stored in ROM space that can't be updated except by removing the chip
and reprogramming.  Pretty much everything else that loads will be
verified against those keys.

Since the hardware isn't designed yet and I want to start working on
the firmware.  I'm looking for motherboards that use the 440MX
chipset.  They will probally be a laptop MB. My initial searches on
google and pricewatch didn't yeild much.  Searching for 440MX
generates lots of noise since there is a 440MX Matrox Video card. 
Filtering for Mainbords out of that has been elusive so far.

Anybody know of a product that used the 440MX chipset or have any
experiece with that chipset?

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