VIA EPIA - Trying to get it built

BIOS Support Personnel bios at
Thu Nov 7 00:34:00 CET 2002

OK, I'm finally diving into this, thanks to Andrew Ip LinuxBIOS for the VIA 
EPIA board is close to where I need it to be. 

Now, I'm looking to help. 

I've run into my first set of problems.... 

I used the K7SEM HOWTO for some of the info since there isn't a VIA EPIA 
HOWTO yet. 

Am I supposed to patch the kernel for VIA EPIA? 

When I run make I get:
gcc ... -o version.o /.../freebios/src/lib/version.c
/.../freebios/src/lib/version.c:10:2: #error MAINBOARD_VENDOR not defined
/.../freebios/src/lib/version.c:13:2: #error MAINBOARD_PART_NUMBER not 
make: *** [version.o] Error 1 

So, I tried to fix this by putting "#define MAINBOARD_VENDOR "via"" and 
"#define MAINBOARD_PART_NUMBER "epia"" into /.../freebios/src/lib/version.c. 
This takes care of the compiler error. Where should these defines be made? 

Again, I run make and get "make: *** No rule to make target 
'.../freebios/mainboard.c', needed by 'mainboard.o'. Stop. 

I see that mainboard is in Makefile, so what's the problem. 

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