Geode problem with 2.4.19 SOLVED

Christer Weinigel christer at
Sun Nov 3 06:33:00 CET 2002

"Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at> writes:

> Note the ^1, which flips the low-order bit. I commented this ^1 out on 
> 2.4.19 and everything works as it should. The error was consistent with an 
> incorrect flipping of the low-order bit. I have no idea why this change 
> would have been put into place, or if it was even tested.
> I do know some geode BIOSes have screwed-up IRQ tables in flash, so maybe 
> they were fixing a problem but doing it the wrong way. Not sure.
> I know we have some Linux kernel guys on the list, forward to whoever 
> needs to see this if you wish.

I think Alan Cox added this because all of his MediaGX/Geode boards
have a buggered BIOS.

You'd better tell him that he's wrong. :-)


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