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I could not find an email address or other method of contacting you so I am attemting to do so through this mailing list. 

My name is Eric and I own I noticed you had some mailing list issues and would like to know if you would like to have some forums made up for your use. As it is, I have forums for users to post questions to for some help with their BIOS issues. Although the site tailored to present BIOS's, i.e., AMI, Phoenix, Award, etc.. I can easily add forums for your use. Whatever you would want.

If your interested in it, just let me know. Bios Central is a free site. The advertising on the pages is free as well. I make no money from any aspect of the site. I'm not sure if this would be a problem, but the entire site is free for anyone to use. I ask for no money or any other type of compensation. I'm just trying to lend a hand in your development of the LinuxBIOS. 

Bios Central is going on three years now. The original forums were pulled and these were installed in place of them. The original server that the site was located on did an upgrade that effectively torched the forums. Lost over 5000 messages as a result. It's current home in with a very reliable company that has excellent tech support. Great bunch of people. Anyway, it's been rock stable since moving last March. Not one issue.

Feel free to contact me at postcode@*NOSPAM* is you have any questions. I'm not sure if I'll recieve a reply through this mailing list as this is my first mailing list I've subscribed to.

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