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Subject: linuxbios
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:19:53 +0800
From: "John Usher (Maptek)" <John.Usher at perth.maptek.com.au>
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I have been working on getting LinuxBIOS running on an Arbor EmCore
i6352 Single Board Computer,
http://www.arbor.com.tw/mini/emcore-i6352.htm and currently have the
BIOS working well booting the Linux kernel off of a special partition on
a flash IDE drive on the motherboard.

I am currently looking into the changes I have made to LinuxBIOS to
merge my changes into the latest so I can submit them.

The main changes I have had to make are to do with on-board memory and
multiple onboard superio chips, and initialisation of the onboard
graphics adapter in the simplest fashion possible.

The company I work for is looking at getting this software into a new
embedded product which will be used for resource tracking.


John Usher
Software Engineer
Maptek Pty Ltd
Level 4 200 Adelaide Tce
Perth WA 6024

Ph: +61-8-6211-0000
Fax: +61-8-6211-0011

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