[coreboot-gerrit] Patch merged into coreboot/master: stddef: Add macro for member_size

gerrit at coreboot.org gerrit at coreboot.org
Wed Jun 17 11:55:47 CEST 2015

the following patch was just integrated into master:
commit 63a3e1ec7f49222c670d08424cbc7fc7f46ee7b0
Author: Furquan Shaikh <furquan at google.com>
Date:   Thu Jun 11 05:17:32 2015 -0700

    stddef: Add macro for member_size
    Add macro to calculate size of a structure member
    TEST=Compiles successfully
    Change-Id: I71bcefe1c3b32ad559d7764e77369c67d09422a0
    Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <pgeorgi at chromium.org>
    Original-Commit-Id: b425a310c14eabad79caf97649db6469380bd602
    Original-Change-Id: I377fff062729aa664f7db469b86764b0ad941c38
    Original-Signed-off-by: Furquan Shaikh <furquan at google.com>
    Original-Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/276809
    Original-Reviewed-by: Jimmy Zhang <jimmzhang at nvidia.com>
    Original-Reviewed-by: Aaron Durbin <adurbin at chromium.org>
    Original-Tested-by: Furquan Shaikh <furquan at chromium.org>
    Original-Commit-Queue: Furquan Shaikh <furquan at chromium.org>
    Original-Trybot-Ready: Furquan Shaikh <furquan at chromium.org>
    Reviewed-on: http://review.coreboot.org/10560
    Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)
    Reviewed-by: Kyösti Mälkki <kyosti.malkki at gmail.com>
    Reviewed-by: Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net>

See http://review.coreboot.org/10560 for details.


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