[coreboot-gerrit] New patch to review for coreboot: 5629511 libpayload: place dummy_media.c in correct object list

Stefan Reinauer (stefan.reinauer@coreboot.org) gerrit at coreboot.org
Wed Nov 20 01:32:50 CET 2013

Stefan Reinauer (stefan.reinauer at coreboot.org) just uploaded a new patch set to gerrit, which you can find at http://review.coreboot.org/4215


commit 56295112157550c0f16d510e7644624f459ec205
Author: Aaron Durbin <adurbin at chromium.org>
Date:   Wed May 29 08:06:17 2013 -0500

    libpayload: place dummy_media.c in correct object list
    The commit introducing dummy_media.c was placed in the
    libc object list. This wasn't correct. It should be in the
    libcbfs object list as well as guarded by CONFIG_CBFS.
    Change-Id: Iace43fff8f85f60ecac5e6eb8350cd1f3ee9d35e
    Signed-off-by: Aaron Durbin <adurbin at chromium.org>
    Reviewed-on: https://gerrit.chromium.org/gerrit/56925
 payloads/libpayload/arch/armv7/Makefile.inc | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/payloads/libpayload/arch/armv7/Makefile.inc b/payloads/libpayload/arch/armv7/Makefile.inc
index e8ca109..c37328e 100644
--- a/payloads/libpayload/arch/armv7/Makefile.inc
+++ b/payloads/libpayload/arch/armv7/Makefile.inc
@@ -34,4 +34,4 @@ libc-y += virtual.c
 libc-y += memcpy.S memset.S
 libc-y += exception_asm.S exception.c
 libc-y += cache.c
-libc-y += dummy_media.c
+libcbfs-$(CONFIG_CBFS) += dummy_media.c

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