[coreboot-gerrit] Patch merged into coreboot/master: bab0a0b PDCurses: pdcscrn.c: Use `#ifdef` instead of `#if CONFIG_SPEAKER`

gerrit at coreboot.org gerrit at coreboot.org
Mon Apr 1 23:24:47 CEST 2013

the following patch was just integrated into master:
commit bab0a0b577ba8cc28aa1e2b2e9ec65fb98edced1
Author: Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net>
Date:   Wed Mar 27 09:50:30 2013 +0100

    PDCurses: pdcscrn.c: Use `#ifdef` instead of `#if CONFIG_SPEAKER`
    Building libpayload with the PDCurses backend the following warning
    is shown.
        /src/coreboot/payloads/libpayload(master) $ make clean
        /src/coreboot/payloads/libpayload(master) $ make
            CC         curses/pdcurses-backend/pdcscrn.libcurses.o
        curses/pdcurses-backend/pdcscrn.c: In function 'PDC_scr_open':
        curses/pdcurses-backend/pdcscrn.c:75:5: warning: "CONFIG_SPEAKER" is not defined [-Wundef]
    The GCC documentation states [1]
        In some contexts this shortcut is undesirable. The -Wundef option
        causes GCC to warn whenever it encounters an identifier which is
        not a macro in an ‘#if’.
    and therefore use `#ifdef` [2] to silence this warning. No functional
    change is done, as `CONFIG_SPEAKER` is assigned the value `Y` when
    There was some discussion going on the list [3], but my points in there
    turned out to be incorrect.
    [1] http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/cpp/If.html
    [2] http://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/cpp/Ifdef.html
    [3] http://www.coreboot.org/pipermail/coreboot/2013-March/075561.html
    Change-Id: I8e9c9b5d01985b21ad05018986d614cf9bf2b439
    Signed-off-by: Paul Menzel <paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net>
    Reviewed-on: http://review.coreboot.org/2934
    Reviewed-by: Nico Huber <nico.huber at secunet.com>
    Tested-by: build bot (Jenkins)

Build-Tested: build bot (Jenkins) at Mon Apr  1 23:21:22 2013, giving +1
See http://review.coreboot.org/2934 for details.


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