[coreboot-announce] coreboot at LinuxTag and coreboot hackaton, Berlin, May 22-27 2013

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu May 9 03:44:43 CEST 2013

Hi all,

coreboot will again have a booth at LinuxTag in Berlin, May 22-25,
in Hall 7.1c at Messe Berlin AKA "Messegelände unter dem Funkturm".
(Translation: Fairground under the radio tower.)

After LinuxTag we'll continue with a developer meeting/hackaton, May 26-27,
in the rooms of the community ISP IN-Berlin at Lehrter Straße 53, not far
from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the central train station.

If you can join us for LinuxTag and/or for the developer meeting
please let us know your availability using the Doodle at

If you're interested in helping out at the LinuxTag booth please
email me off-list. We have a little bit more space this year, but
also many nice things to show off, and the Google guys will be doing
a workshop on Friday, May 24, about building a custom coreboot ROM
from scratch, and flashing it onto a Chromebook.

The developer meeting is free of charge thanks to the generosity of
our hosts at IN-Berlin, but please note that space is somewhat limited.
If there is overwhelming interest then priority will be given according
to general level of contributions in the community -- but don't be shy!!

If you would like to join then simply sign up at the Doodle.

For visitors who wish to book accomodation near the IN-Berlin
location here are a few suggestions in order of proximity:

* A&O Hostel and Hotel, Lehrter Str. 12, 700m down the street

* Berliner Stadtmission Christian Jugendgästehaus, Lehrter Str. 66, 950m

* Motel One, corner of Invalidenstr. and Lehrter Str., 1.2km

The central train station is in the opposite direction, ie. Motel One
is closest to the station.

S-Bahn line S5 toward Spandau departs from Hauptbahnhof track 16, the
7:th stop is Messe Süd where LinuxTag is.

NOTE: Several other S-lines depart from track 16, but only S5 Spandau
takes you to Messe Süd!

Remember to validate (insert into little red machine which timestamps)
your ticket if you travel by S-Bahn. The fine is 40 EUR and checks
especially on the east-west line are frequent-ish.

The developer meeting starts on Sunday morning and formally ends on
Monday afternoon but there may also be some informal meetings or
perhaps sightseeing excursions on Tuesday.

There are grocery stores nearby IN-Berlin, we can use the kitchen if
we want to, and they have an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic
beverages as well as sweets for sale at low cost. There is however not
much in the way of restaurants nearby so I expect that we will order
lunch to be delivered to IN-Berlin but leave in the evening and hit
the city for dinner, and possibly tasty beverages.

Looking forward to meeting you in Berlin


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