2013/11/17 <hyperchem@vip.qq.com>
I am a newbie of using serialICE.
When I tried to compile SerialICE source code on my machine, I got a error which I googled for quite a few days resulted with no solution. Could anyone help me on it? 

What mainboard target did you configure SerialICE for? See the output of 'grep CONFIG_BOARD_ .config'
Environment :kali 1.0 x64。Compiler: default in kali 1.0

Which compiler/binutils does kali ship? Please run 'gcc -v' and copy/paste the output.
Here is the error screenshot.

Removed the screenshot since we prefer text over screenshots.
The screenshot shows:

> # make
>   CPP      build/start.o
>   AS       build/start.o
> /root/serialice/SerialICE-1.5/start.S: Assembler messages:
> /root/serialice/SerialICE-1.5/start.S:138: Error: attempt to move .org backwards
> make: *** [/root/serialice/SerialICE-1.5/build/start.o] <pinyin?> 1

Did you modify start.S? How did you obtain its source code?

Thanks A lot!!