First thank you all for good work, is pretty impressive to have (as it is possible to be) open source version of firmware for modern x86 black box.
Not sure if this is right mailing list, if not, please redirect me to the correct one.

I am using CoreBoot with SeaBIOS as a payload for ThinkPad T430s to boot FreeBSD (but with Linux problem is same).
DSDT provided by CoreBoot is missing battery charge start (BCTG, BCCS) and stop (BCSG, BCSS) thresholds.

I have tried to boot OS with OEM DSDT table (either included on flash or OS override of the default DSDT found in RAM) and that doesn't work - USB timeouts, no cpu frequency scalling, and other problems.
I have tried to patch CoreBoot provided DSDT but without success - ACPI is a little too much for me: I don't know how to implement missing methods nor how to connect EC registers with ACPI methods.
Can someone push me in the right direction?

Some addition questions related to embedded controller:
- How to get/set keyboard backlight?
- How to get/set LCD backlight level?
- Is it possible to play some tones when charges is connected/disconnected or battery is at critical charge?