The same SeaBIOS image and same win8 hard drive can boot Mullins and Kabini.
So I believe the SeaBIOS and hard drive are both OK.

Since it is a new APU, there might be some potential problem in Coreboot. But I have
no way to find it out. What I am looking for is the way to debug at Windows bootloader
stage, before the kernel image is loaded.


On 3/25/2015 3:59 PM, Kevin O'Connor wrote: > There have been success reports with SeaBIOS booting Windows 8, so > it's not a general win8 problem. for sure - no issues booting Win8/8.1/10TP on the Haswell ChromeOS devices using SeaBIOS 1.8.0 > > If possible, try to pull the disk image into a QEMU VM and see if it > has the same crash when running QEMU with a native instance of > SeaBIOS. > > Also, make sure the problem is still present with SeaBIOS debug level > 1 - very high debug levels are known to cause issues with some > software. > > -Kevin > > _______________________________________________ > SeaBIOS mailing list > SeaBIOS at >