Hi Peter-
I had already testes the coreboot + Linux kernel without SeaBIOS, that works fine. But I do want the rest of the boot menu presented by SeaBIOS because I usually use Windoze as well.

Even if I put the initrd inside the kernel, that can't be loaded by SeaBIOS unless the whole thing is an ELF file, right?

How would that step go (vmlinuz -> ELF)?


Peter Stuge <peter@stuge.se> schrieb am Do., 18. Apr. 2019, 06:06:
Rafael Send wrote:
> Alternatively, would it be possible to create an ELF file out of a Linux
> kernel+initrd / bootable image?

Sure, and I find it far more attractive than arcane floppies, charming
as they are.

Build your kernel to include your initramfs, the kernel config option

Then use that kernel as payload. This page may be useful:


Note that using Linux as payload was the very origin of coreboot.

This may also be useful, though AFAIK nobody has confirmed that it works:


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