I've been there and ported lodepng to SeaBIOS because I wanted full resolution graphics:


Might need some rebase and adjustments by now. I tried to upstream this, but mailing list and git turned out a bit tough for me; there was also a question on the license. You'd find that here in the archives.

Cheers! :-)

On Thu, 31 Mar 2022, 18:19 Michał Żygowski, <michal.zygowski@3mdeb.com> wrote:

On 31.03.2022 15:25, AreYouLoco? via SeaBIOS wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to make SeaBIOS on Thinkpad T420 running coreboot display bootsplash but I am failing to prepare the file.
> I tried to export file using GIMP and this info:
> https://puri.sm/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/coreboot-splash-gimp-export-options-annotated.png
> Relevant part of the coreboot log is:
> 1508[INFO ] Setting up bootsplash in 1366x768@32
> 1509[INFO ] CBFS: Found 'bootsplash.jpg' @0x46480 size 0x48e5 in mcache @0x7ffdd1c8
> 1510[DEBUG] Bootsplash image resolution: 1366x768
> 1511[ERROR] Bootsplash could not be decoded. jpeg_decode returned 4.
> I also tried to add bootsplash.bmp but then it says it didnt found bootsplash.jpg.
> Any hints?

This is actually a little bit tricky. JPEG decoder in SeaBIOS and
coreboot allows only images which size granularity is 16 bytes. Sooo:
768 pixels / 16 = 48 OK. But 1366 pixels / 16 = 85.375 NOT OK.

You are basically hitting ERR_WIDTH_MISMATCH:

If you have a nice BMP file, it doesn't have the width/height
granularity constraints unlike JPEG. coreboot will not decode
bootsplash.bmp, but SeaBIOS gladly consumes BMP files. Additionally I
recommend compressing it with LZMA (BMPs are heavy). So on your coreboot
image I would execute:

cbfstool coreboot.rom add -f path/to/bootsplash.bmp -t raw -n
bootsplash.bmp.lzma -c lzma -r COREBOOT

The command will add the path/to/bootsplash.bmp file to CBFS under the
name bootsplash.bmp.lzma with LZMA compression enabled. SeaBIOS is able
to detect .lzma extension in CBFS files and automatically decompresses
the files if needed.

Additionally compile SeaBIOS with some debug level, SeaBIOS should be
able to put it into cbmem console:
https://github.com/coreboot/seabios/blob/master/src/output.c#L46 in case
you would need to inspect further issues (BMP may have problem with
incorrect bpp format - bits per pixel, you need to set a correct one in

Good luck.
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