I have a Chromebook and I instinctively reach for the del key which doesn't exist, get the power button and switch off my computer.

I am running pdos, but freedos has the same problem.

Would it be possible for seabios to use acpi to intercept the power button and turn it into a del key?

I fully understand that if the user holds down the power button for long enough, like 10 seconds, it will do a forced power off that seabios can't stop.

I am happy to live with that limitation.

However, because of that limitation I would like another feature.

I believe chromeos provides alt backspace as a substitute for del.

I would like that logic to also be in seabios so that if I want to hold a del key down for a long time I need to use alt backspace instead of the power button.

Putting the logic in seabios will fix lots of OSes, not just pdos and freedos, and I think that is the best place to put this logic.

Any thoughts?