The implementation for this is very hacky.

For non-legacy smbios we need to deconstruct a packed smbios table that qemu supplies.
Preferably around this code in smbios_romfile_setup(void):

    /* did we get a type 0 structure ? */
    for (t0 = smbios_next(&ep, NULL); t0; t0 = smbios_next(&ep, t0))
        if (t0->header.type == 0) {
            need_t0 = 0;

We need to do some smbios tables math to find the correct date string.

For legacy smbios we can read the fw_cfg that supplies the date,
just like get_field() does, ignoring the unused case for get_external() which may also
require deconstructing a packed smbios table table.

This will not look good.

I think using a simple fw_cfg value for this task has the following advantages:



On 29 May 2019, at 9:49, Gerd Hoffmann <> wrote:

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 09:39:05AM +0300, Sam Eiderman wrote:
So what do you suggest?

If qemu supplies a date in legacy/non-legacy we override the date in FSEG(0xfff5) with it

I think that makes sense, yes.