As an addition to my post at qemu-ppc, I’d like to add support for a few more cpus to Openbios, so when I get KVM to support -cpu host: openbios will be able to boot from the cpu’s I have.

Right now I have a Powerbook6,8 with a 7447a ( PRV 80030105 ) I think this CPU is V1.5.

I also have a iBook with a 750fx ( PVR 70000112 ).

Soon I will have a Quicksilver with Dual 1Ghz G4’s, and an iBook G4 with a 7447a, not sure of the PVR’s yet.

So, I see that I need to edit the init.c, and I noticed we might need some real values from some of the chips.

{ // XXX find out real values
        .iu_version = 0x800c0000,
        .name = "PowerPC,74xx",
        .icache_size = 0x8000,
        .dcache_size = 0x8000,
        .icache_sets = 0x80,
        .dcache_sets = 0x80,
        .icache_block_size = 0x20,
        .dcache_block_size = 0x20,
        .tlb_sets = 0x40,
        .tlb_size = 0x80,
        .initfn = cpu_750_init,

Mark, how can I get the values needed from my CPU’s?

I’m assuming we need the values for the .icach_size etc.