Hi there people.
I´d like to have some info on the project, because I didn´t understand it very well, and didn´t find many info on the net(I recognize I didn´t googled a lot).

Can I install openbios on any x86 motherboard ?
Or only the ones which implements the open firmware standard ? If so, is there a list of which hardware/mobo are compatible ?

My problem is: I have and old computer... an Intel pentium 4 2.6ghz on a Intel D865PERL motherboard.
Recently I acquired an used nvidia 6800 GS video card, and I´m experiencing freezes and lockups, and for what I had researched, seems to be a problem with AGP FAST WRITE option turned on. The problem is:
I don´t have the option to turn it off on my bios anymore.... My diagnostics (everest) says it´s enabled. When I bought my computer in 2004 I remebered of this option, and at that time my gforce 4400 mx card didn´t support this option so I had to turn it off. Some years later I upgraded my bios, and didn´t miss this option. Now I´m looking for it and it´s not there anymore.
I tried flashing 5 older bios to my card, to see if this option would "come back", but no luck. Now I doubt even myself I had ever had this option....
that´s where I got the old bios from intel server:

Then I remebered of this openbios project, and I thought: If I can use this bios, and turn off this option, it´ll solve my problems!

So, is there any chance I can do that ?

Thanks in advance, and congratulations for the project.


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