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On 23/02/16 20:19, Programmingkid wrote:

Just this one patch, or the entire patchset? Pretty much everything just
works with "git am" these days?

It was with this patch only. This patch would not show up when I went to view it as raw text. 

How strange. The entire patchset was a straightforward invocation of git

I think there are two issues here: firstly something does cause memory
corruption which can cause random crashes under OS 9, and secondly the
changes to the serial ports. We know that OT probe causes OS 9 to
crash/hang when booting from a vanilla image, but the probe doesn't take
place on pre-installed images. In these cases the hang is almost better
than the crash in that at least the OS gets to the point where it can
probe the serial ports, it is just that the QEMU emulation is lacking.


If the change in behaviour occurs when booting from a fresh ISO then I'm
not too worried because everyone testing at the moment will have removed
these extensions from their images. However if existing installed images
start to fail then perhaps the patch needs more work.

It was fresh ISO's that I used for testing. 

Well that's definitely not a regression, just not an improvement :)  As
long as yourself/Howard are happy that the pre-installed OS 9 images
work then I think we're good.



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I see no regressions with openbios with these patches:

For completeness, I tested all images I have.
All test results against a recent build of David Gibson's ppc-for 2.6 tree, mac99/G3/256.

Disk images:
Various 9.2 disk images boot or seem to crash as before ;-)
10.3/9.1 installation image: boots and runs, classic runs.
10.4/9.2 installation image: boots and runs, classic runs.

Clean isos:
8.5 starts boot, but complains about /rtas missing
9.0 crashes qemu
9.1 boots to progress bar, then hangs
9.2 boots to progress bar, then display system error
10.0 boots to happy mac, verbose boot, then kernel panic in com.apple.driver.AppleSCCSerial
kmod_create: com.apple.iokit.IOSerialFamily (id 36), 11 pages loaded at 0x9d80000, header size 0x1000
kmod_create: com.apple.driver.AppleSCCSerial (id 37) 9 pages loaded at 0x9be4000. header size 0x1000
panic(cpu 0): mapping_remove: attempt to unmap a permanent mapping - pmap = 002FCC00, va = 00013000, mapping 01492060
10.1 boots to happy mac, verbose boot, then hangs during creation of records in/out
10.2 boots and runs installer
10.3 boots and runs installer
10.4 boots and runs installer
10.5 hangs during verbose mode, but boots to graphics display and shows error log with mac99/G4/256. No mouse/keyboard working.

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