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"Welcome to OpenBIOS v1.0 built on Dec 18 2012 10:41"

I'm not sure if I'm stating the already obvious, but with the lastest git revision of qemu and the latest svn of openbios the Darwin 8.0.1 kernel loads just fine for me on the g3beige machine. Making use of the emulated Heathrow (and thus mounting root) is a whole other matter however.


2012/12/21 Amadeusz Sławiński <>
Here are results of my testing booting OS X on latest trunk
Logs in attachment

Not patched ones (fails without get-key-map):

Patched with gsoc get-key-map patch:

Patched with gsoc divide by 0:

Logs from patched boot without CIF:

10.2 ones show that there is need for some solution regarding division
by 0, some notes from my talks with Mark:

My g5 machine returns 0 when dividing by 0, no warnings are printed:
0 > 0 0 /  ok
1 > .  ok
0 > 0

0 > 2 0 /  ok
1 > .  ok
0 > 0

Question is how to implement it, or maybe just use gsoc patch?

Also it seems that Mac OS X seems to provide it's own fill-rectangle and draw-rectangle
it prints:
FILL-RECTANGLE isn't unique.
and also similar message when I apply gsoc draw-rectangle patch
so it seems that this one isn't needed

Another problem is that it seems to be unable to open/load kernel.

On graphic side of things it seems to draw things better than with gsoc
patches, graphics are not weirdly resized, but there is not much to see
except boot folder graphic (10.0)/white apple(10.2, 10.4).


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