There's a lot of cheap sparc hardware based on sunv T2 coming onto the market, I'd like to use AMD cards that are known to work well with the free radeon driver, but none of them have open firmware support.

I've read that IBM's OpenFirmware did include vga bios emulation.

I think the openBoot firmware at the link is for the T1, Sun also released a later version for the T2 sparc processor, which is still available.

They released their hypervisor code too, I don't know it's portable to other architectures, but it's pretty cool technology.



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> On 13/09/14 12:45, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> > Anyone know if OpenBios works with Sun's Hypervisor (also free
> > software) on it's Niagara servers?
> >
> > Wondering if it's feasible to use this for vga bios emulation for 3d
> > graphics support with Gentoo linux?
> Sadly not, but Sun did open source their OpenBOOT implementation which
> has sun4v support which you can get a copy of here:
> Can you explain further why you need vga bios support for 3d graphics
> support? Which drivers/hardware are you looking to support?
> ATB,
> Mark.