On 2018-May-11 10:54 , Jd Lyons via OpenBIOS wrote:
0 > 1000 config-l@ u. ffffffff  ok

That should be normal behaviour for a device not present (in the above case, device 2 on that pci bus).

Note that "cd" isn't always sufficient to be able to activate words in a node - many of them require an ihandle, which means you need to select the node, not just cd to it. cd changes your dictionary, but does not set up contexts for path or instance (phandle or ihandle).

This will happen during ordinary FCode execution (part of the setup is that the parents have been initialized and the active node is set up by the process that brings in the FCode), but you may get different results from the ok prompt by just cd'ing to a node.

Also note, the endianness of rl@/rw@ words may be different at the ok prompt than from a device's FCode. In OpenBoot, the decision was made to literally change the meaning of rl@ to point to le-rl@ or be-rl@ depending on the context of the caller. I don't know if that happens in OpenBios. So if you get something that looks like the wrong endian (you were expecting 01234567 and you got 67452301), make sure the problem persists when you are running the code as FCode, as opposed to at the ok prompt.