I'm trying to build flashrom 1.0 for Dos on Ubuntu. But I'm still failing. At first, I was having problems at the Checking for libpci/libz step. Despite all the changes I made to the makefile, I always ended up with Not sufficient. Then I commented that part out. Because all my library files (libpci, libz, libgetopt, librt,...) are in the lib/ folder of my LIBS_BASE (../libpci) which has the same parent folder as flashrom directory. I followed the instructions of the README. For compiling pciutils, the instructions say to apply the pciutils.gz.patch I don't know if I got that part right. I just copy-pasted the file inside pciutils.gz.patch into pciutils/ Then went on to compile pciutils, libz and libgetopt. And I copied all the necessary header and library files into libpci/. After commenting out the part that checks libpci, I then had to comment out the real time clock test portion of makefile as well, because it was always returning Not found. Compilation now proceeded but ended with errors, many undefined references. All having to do with pci. I'm looking forward to ur advices.