Im Using an rpi pico with serprog protocol.

I type flashrom -p serprog:dev=/dev/ttyACM0:115200

ive tried without 115200
Ive tried with different spispeeds
Ive tried the expected spispeed for the chip,512
Ive tried -c option to specify the exact chip
Ive tried pulling HOLD high to vcc, CS# low to gnd
ive tried pulling WP high to vcc

it always says eeprom not found, with a long output list of:
'requested mapping is incompatible' with the wrong chips (im guessing flashrom is At least trying to find the chip)

and a few:
'invalid response 0x00 from device (to command 0x13)' outputs.

one weird thing...SOMETIMES, if i keep trying, switching spispeeds, unplug/replug, it will find a chip, but the WRONG chip, but always the same one:
ST flash chip "M95M02" (256 kB, SPI).

what am i doing wrong.
Heres the datasheet