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I've found lots of helpful info on using Flashrom for updating an HP xw9400 BIOS using an Ubuntu Live DVD, but the commands never seem to include any path information!

For example:

flashrom -r biosbackup.rom
flashrom -E
flashrom -w 7D6_0403.bin

In the first and third lines, where does Flashrom assume the files are located if no path is supplied?  If I install a floppy to read/write to, what is the path syntax?

Flashrom will error out gracefully and tell you that you need to specify an argument to -r or -w (this is just how getopt works). Whatever argument is supplied is treated as the path to the file you wish to read to or write from.

About the Ubuntu Live DVD, could someone add a little more info to these cryptic instructions to install Flashrom (is this multiple steps)?

  • install flashrom (open a terminal from the start menu, do sudo su) using apt-get install flashrom

Seems straight-forward to me. What's cryptic about this?

If you'd like more info about the "apt" command, Ubuntu has a few nice pages on that subject such as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto.

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