Hi all,

I'm trying to fix a corrupted EFI on a Macbook Air 13'' of 2012. I messed up with efibootmgr and that's the result... It's not a locked EFI, in the laptop Gentoo is installed, so I can access to the OS, although I can't boot from USB.

So, I modified an EFI-dump for my laptop (I checked out it's not locked as well), I made a dump of the current EFI and replaced the serial number and other parameters. The size is OK, I checked out with hexdump.

The stanza to made the write is:

# flashrom -p internal:pci=8086:1e56.0 -c "MX25L6406E/MX25L6408E" -V -w /home/m00n/nueva.rom

The output:

Using clock_gettime for delay loops (clk_id: 1, resolution: 1ns).
Initializing internal programmer
No coreboot table found.
Using Internal DMI decoder.
No DMI table found.
Found chipset "Intel QS77" with PCI ID 8086:1e56.
This chipset is marked as untested. If you are using an up-to-date version
of flashrom *and* were (not) able to successfully update your firmware with it,
then please email a report to flashrom@flashrom.org including a verbose (-V) log.
Thank you!
Enabling flash write... Root Complex Register Block address = 0xfed1c000
GCS = 0xc21: BIOS Interface Lock-Down: enabled, Boot BIOS Straps: 0x3 (SPI)


BIOS_CNTL = 0x01: BIOS Lock Enable: disabled, BIOS Write Enable: enabled


BMWAG 0x00, BMRAG 0x00, BRWA 0xff, BRRA 0xff
0x54: 0x00000000 FREG0: Flash Descriptor region (0x00000000-0x00000fff) is read-write.
0x58: 0x07ff0190 FREG1: BIOS region (0x00190000-0x007fffff) is read-write.
0x5C: 0x018f0001 FREG2: Management Engine region (0x00001000-0x0018ffff) is read-write.
0x74: 0x866f0190 PR0: Warning: 0x00190000-0x0066ffff is read-only.
0x78: 0x9fff0692 PR1: Warning: 0x00692000-0x01ffffff is read-only.
Writes have been disabled for safety reasons. You can enforce write
support with the ich_spi_force programmer option, but you will most likely
harm your hardware! If you force flashrom you will get no support if
something breaks. On a few mainboards it is possible to enable write
access by setting a jumper (see its documentation or the board itself).
0x90: 0xc4 (SSFS)
0x91: 0xf94140 (SSFC)
SSFC: SCGO=0, ACS=0, SPOP=0, COP=4, DBC=1, SME=0, SCF=1
0x94: 0x0606     (PREOP)
0x96: 0x3c6c     (OPTYPE)
0x98: 0x0103029f (OPMENU)
0x9c: 0xffd82005 (OPMENU+4)
0xA0: 0x00000000 (BBAR)
0xC4: 0x00800000 (LVSCC)
LVSCC: BES=0x0, WG=0, WSR=0, WEWS=0, EO=0x0, VCL=1
0xC8: 0x00002005 (UVSCC)
UVSCC: BES=0x1, WG=1, WSR=0, WEWS=0, EO=0x20
0xD0: 0x00000000 (FPB)
Unhandled programmer parameters: pci=8086:1e56.0
Error: Programmer initialization failed.
Restoring MMIO space at 0x7f50ae5978a0
Restoring PCI config space for 00:1f:0 reg 0xdc

So, what I'm doing wrong? It's an old laptop and with external devices I've read that it's possible to flash, From the same device it should be possible to do it .... I suppose that I'm missing some parameter.... But I can't find which.

Any help would be appreciated... KR