Dear Flashrom Org,


While I was looking for a GSOC contribution that appeals to my interests and attracts my attention. I noticed your GSOC project ideas for Flashrom, and specifically, the task labeled as "Modernize the flashrom website", which I found quite interesting. Generally, I enjoy web development using CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, and I'm willing to learn new skills, work with various frameworks, and learn about other helping platforms to enhance my abilities.


However, I would like to gain more details about what this project idea requires in minute details so that I could prepare an appropriate proposal and a good plan if it is suitable to me.


Please Kindly, provide me with additional information about the requirements.


Examples of a bunch of details that I need to know:

- Who will be the mentors? (This isn't clarified for each task separately).


- What are the expected outcomes you hope to accomplish with this task?


- Do you mean specifically that you need to improve the front-end? (Is it specifically a front-end improvement?)


- Must the design be responsive?


- Are there any predetermined languages or frameworks to use?


- Could you clarify what do you mean by saying "However, we have to find out what we need and which framework supports what. Then, various frameworks need to be evaluated and we need a plan on how to migrate to the new site."


I'd appreciate hearing the required details from you.

Kind Regards

Israa Odeh.



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