Hello this is my output when trying to flash..

Does Incomplete/failed Command Receive Device string plays a role on
the error of verification?
I cannot flash back the original bios contents at the moment on my board.

flashrom v0.9.9-r1954 on Linux 4.15.0-88-generic (x86_64)
flashrom is free software, get the source code at https://flashrom.org

Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Setting voltage to 1800 mV
Incomplete/failed Command Receive Device String!
Found Winbond flash chip "W25Q64.V" (8192 kB, SPI) on dediprog.
Reading old flash chip contents... done.
Erasing and writing flash chip... Erase/write done.
Verifying flash... FAILED at 0x00000010! Expected=0x5a, Found=0xff, failed byte count from 0x00000000-0x007fffff: 0x2ddb74
Your flash chip is in an unknown state.
Please report this on IRC at chat.freenode.net (channel #flashrom) or
mail flashrom@flashrom.org, thanks!