On Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 11:42 PM, Nico Huber <nico.h@gmx.de> wrote:
On 13.10.2017 02:40, Nico Huber wrote:
So I propose the following: Forget the two branches model, start
a `master` branch with either the current state of `staging` or
my proposed move to `stable` [3] and release flashrom-1.0 right

What I didn't realize last night: the `staging` branch contains
valuable information in lots of fixup! commits that would be lost
if we don't keep `staging`. They look ugly in the log but their
messages still contain some reasoning about the changes. I prefer
to use the current `staging` branch as `master` therefore.

I'm fine with that.

I think Peter's suggestions are worth further consideration as well. As he pointed out, Flashrom has always been pretty simple and flat, and tags seem like a good way to do releases without the difficulties we've experienced with multiple branches.

Your idea to do release branches is fine, too. So long as we have something that is low-overhead, less bottlenecked, and won't cause as much friction moving forward.
And I'm convinced that `staging` is in better shape than flashrom-0.9.9.

This is somewhat subjective, but I agree largely due to the libflashrom and layout patches. And aside from code quality `staging` also has features and hardware support (either merged or pending) that I need to do work.