hi all, i am very new to any type of hardware hacking or interfacing, i am trying to write onto a SPI chip (GD25LQ128DSIGR) using a CH341 programmer, i am able to read the data perfectly fine and the chip is identified perfectly fine, i am using a chip clip to interface with the chip on the motherboard itself, after reading up on the chip itself, i understand that my status registers need to be set specifically to allow me to write, the current register status (and default it seems) is `SRP0: 1` `BP4: 0` `BP3: 1` `BP2: 1` `BP1: 0` `BP0: 1` `WEL: 0` `BUSY/WIP: 0`, i am able to write partially to the chip but not fully, my first assumption is that the status registers (in their current state) are enabled and therefore protecting certain parts of memory on the chip. I could really use some help in learning more about this field and my particular case