First time posting.
I cannot get my Am29F010 EEPROM recognized by flashrom v0.9.8-r1889

I'm using a 3Com PCI ethernet card (3C90xB)  that recognizes the EEPROM using a different program "bromutil"
I've also tested my 3Com using a different chip AT29C010 which is recognized & reads/writes with flashrom so I think it must be a software issue with the AMD.
I can get flashrom to read the AMD to a file if I do a force -f -c Am29F010A/B but no write because it's not recognized.
I've attached my log. Seems flashrom is not reading the id codes correctly for the AMD. Instead it reads the first 2 bytes of info stored on the chip (4c ef in the log) However, probing for Atmel and many others retrieves the correct manufacturer/model id codes for the AM29F010 which is 01 20
Any clue what might be happening? Thanks very much.