The standard motherboard has a chip WINBOND 2Mbit (256kB). For the purposes of coreboot replaced it to EON 256kB. Now I want to use a larger chip 4Mbit (512kB) PLCC32 but using adapter PLCC32-DIP32.
I want to do it using the method of hot swap replacing chip 256kB to 512kB while running Debian with flashrom.
I built Coreboot size 512kB but I have a problem with programming using flashrom. I tried version 0.9.7 and the latest 0.9.9. The same problem is when I boot the computer from bios AWARD 256kB and from Coreboot 256kB. I use Debian Live 6.0.5 Standard from PXE server.
Boot from AWARD bios 256kB chip WINBOND, flashrom 0.9.7 -
Boot from Coreboot bios 256kB chip EON, flashrom 0.9.9 -