Successful was on "MA790GP-DS4H" not on "GA-MA78G-DS3H", right?

790GX + SB750 works for me on my DFI (patch was submitted few weeks ago)

GA-MA78G-DS3H have a 780G + SB700, this should work with SB600 SPI patch like SB750

2009/8/22 Idwer Vollering <>
2009/8/22 Ralph Loader <>

Just reporting successful flash upgrade of bios with flashrom for a
board not listed on your website.

What successful flash upgrade ?
Look at the last line of flashrom's output:

Board is a Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H (flashrom output says DS3H), with AMD
790GX / SB750 chipset, and Macronix MX25L8005 rom.


# flashrom
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
No coreboot table found.
Found chipset "ATI(AMD) SB700", enabling flash write... OK.
Found board "GIGABYTE GA-MA78G-DS3H", enabling flash write... Serial flash segment 0xfffe0000-0xffffffff disabled
Serial flash segment 0x000e0000-0x000fffff disabled
Serial flash segment 0xffee0000-0xffefffff disabled
Serial flash segment 0xfff80000-0xfffeffff disabled
LPC write to serial flash disabled
serial flash pin 29
Found chip "Macronix MX25L8005" (1024 KB) at physical address 0xfff00000.

This line:

No operations were specified.

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