I've been googling and perusing the source tree, but am still unsure if general bitbang support is present in flashrom.

Specifically, I have a board which has an onboard FT2232H with some of the GPIO pins wired to a SPI flash device.  The pins used are NOT the MPSSE SPI pins from the 2232, but rather some other unused GPIO pins (the MPSSE dedicated pins are being used for JTAG, and the other 2232 channel is being used for data transfer), and I can't change the wiring from the 2232 to the SPI flash.

Does flashrom support this type of configuration?  If there is general bitbang support, I can write the necessary routines to control the pins of the 2232 in a bitbang fashion.

Any pointers here would be much appreciated.  

Thanks for a great tool!