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From: Clay Daniels <clay.daniels.jr@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 10:06 AM
Subject: Re: [flashrom] Unrecognized SMBus revision
To: Edward O'Callaghan (Code Review) <gerrit@coreboot.org>

Please let me retract part of what I said, which is incorrect:
"I do have one who has an 0x51 board with a 0x51 board which is the other email from/to Jean-Paul Crespy. The 0x51 was also listed in Rene Rebe's patch from the flashrom list of Oct 12."

First ,  Jean-Paul Crespy, nor any other  of those I know of, have an "0x51" board. This only appears in Rene Rebe's email of Oct 12, supposedly in reference to a friend's AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile. I could not find a definite revision # for his friend's Ryzen 4000, but it is a relatively new machine and likely 0x61. See:


I sat down and put what data I had into a small file, and this is what I have:

Clay Daniels <clay.daniels.jr@gmail.com> 0x61 X570 MSI
Rene Rebe <rene@exactcode.com> 0x61 X570 Asus
Julian Labus <julian@labus-online.de> 0x61 X570 Gigabyte AORUS
madsys <madsys@gmail.com> 0x61 X570 ASUS
Jean-Paul Crespy <jean-paul.crespy@laposte.net> 0x61
绅士无双 <hentaiwushuang@gmail.com> 0x61 X570 MSI
romain <roms2000@free.fr> 0x61 B450 ASRockRack B450D4U-V1L

Boggy <mrboggy@gmail.com> 0x59 X470 Asus
Branko <brankob@s5tehnika.net> 0x59 X470 MSI
Gergely Tomka <tomkatudor@gmail.com> 0x59 X370 ASRock

I think Rene Rebe is mistaken, and I just blindly copied his work. Anyway, the upshot is that what you have done is entirely correct, and needs no further addition of any "0x51" board.

Thanks again for all your good work,
Clay Daniels