So I disabled write protection with a suzy-qable but when I tried to flash the system I got an error, please see below. Can you advise what I should do?

flashrom 0.9.9  : a5cb316d : Nov 13 2020 18:00:28 UTC on Linux 4.4.237-19358-g17705661373a (x86_64)
flashrom was built with unknown PCI library, LLVM Clang 11.0.0 (/var/tmp/portage/sys-devel/llvm-11.0_pre399094_p20200824-r4/work/llvm-11.0_pre399094_p20200824/clang 83080a294ad7d145d758821bcf4354ad0cb7d299), big endian
Command line (5 args): /usr/sbin/flashrom -n -w -o /tmp/flashrom.log coreboot_tiano-eve-mrchromebox_20200604.rom
Using default programmer "internal" with arguments "".
Acquiring lock (timeout=180 sec)...
Opened file lock "/run/lock/firmware_utility_lock"
Lock acquired.
disable_power_management: Disabling power management.
Calibrating delay loop... OS timer resolution is 1 usecs, 1556M loops per second, 10 myus = 10 us, 100 myus = 100 us, 1000 myus = 1009 us, 10000 myus = 10282 us, 4 myus = 4 us, OK.
Initializing internal programmer
/sys/class/mtd/mtd0 does not exist
Found candidate at: 00000500-00000528
Found coreboot table at 0x00000500.
Found candidate at: 00000000-00000578
Found coreboot table at 0x00000000.
coreboot table found at 0x7aabe000.
coreboot header(24) checksum: d36d table(1376) checksum: 9557 entries: 45
Vendor ID: Google, part ID: Eve
Using External DMI decoder.
DMI string chassis-type: "Desktop"
DMI string system-manufacturer: "Google"
DMI string system-product-name: "Eve"
DMI string system-version: "1.0"
DMI string baseboard-manufacturer: "Google"
DMI string baseboard-product-name: "Eve"
DMI string baseboard-version: "1.0"
get_target_bus_from_chipset() returns 0x10.
Found chipset "Intel Skylake" with PCI ID 8086:9d24.
Enabling flash write... SPI Read Configuration: prefetching enabled, caching enabled,
BIOS_CNTL = 0x8b: BIOS Lock Enable: enabled, BIOS Write Enable: enabled
Warning: Setting BIOS Control at 0xdc from 0x8b to 0x89 failed.
New value is 0x8b.
SPI BAR is = 0xd123d000
BIOS_SPI_BC = 0x8b: BIOS Interface Lock-Down: enabled, Boot BIOS Straps: 0x0 (SPI)
Top Swap: not enabled
SPIBAR = 0x00007bde63bc0000 + 0x0000
0x04: 0x0010e000 (HSFSC)
WARNING: SPI Configuration Lockdown activated.
0x08: 0x00000000 (FADDR)
0x50: 0x00004acb (FRAP)
BMWAG 0x00, BMRAG 0x00, BRWA 0x4a, BRRA 0xcb
0x54: 0x00000000 FREG0: Flash Descriptor region (0x00000000-0x00000fff) is read-only.
0x58: 0x0fff0200 FREG1: BIOS region (0x00200000-0x00ffffff) is read-write.
0x5C: 0x01ff0001 FREG2: Management Engine region (0x00001000-0x001fffff) is locked.
0x60: 0x00007fff FREG3: Gigabit Ethernet region is unused.
0x64: 0x00007fff FREG4: Platform Data region is unused.
0x68: 0x00007fff FREG5: Device Expansion region is unused.
0x6C: 0x00007fff FREG6: BIOS2 region is unused.
0x70: 0x00007fff FREG7: unknown region is unused.
Reading flash descriptors mapped by the chipset via FDOC/FDOD... done.
0x74: 0x0010e000 FREG8: EC/BMC region is unused.
0x84: 0x89ef09d0 PR0: Warning: 0x009d0000-0x009effff is read-only.
0x88: 0x00000000 (PR1 is unused)
0x8C: 0x00000000 (PR2 is unused)
0x90: 0x00000000 (PR3 is unused)
0x94: 0x00000000 (PR4 is unused)
0x98: 0x00000000 (GPR0 is unused)
0x9C: 0x00000000 (GPR1 is unused)
0xA0: 0xfe000080 GPR2: Warning: 0x00080000-0x07e00fff is read-only.
0xA4: 0xb32d5006 GPR3: Warning: 0x05006000-0x0332dfff is read-only.
Reading flash descriptors mapped by the chipset via FDOC/FDOD... done.
=== Content Section ===
FLVALSIG 0x0ff0a55a
FLMAP0   0x00040003
FLMAP1   0x42100208
FLMAP2   0x00310330

--- Details ---
NR          (Number of Regions):                    10
FRBA        (Flash Region Base Address):         0x040
NC          (Number of Components):                  1
FCBA        (Flash Component Base Address):      0x030
ISL         (ICH/PCH/SoC Strap Length):             66
FISBA/FPSBA (Flash ICH/PCH/SoC Strap Base Addr): 0x100
NM          (Number of Masters):                     3
FMBA        (Flash Master Base Address):         0x080
MSL/PSL     (MCH/PROC Strap Length):                 3
FMSBA       (Flash MCH/PROC Strap Base Address): 0x300
=== Component Section ===
FLCOMP   0x125c00f5
FLILL    0xad604221
FLILL1   0xc7c4b9b7

--- Details ---
Component 1 density:            16 MB
Component 2 is not used.
Read Clock Frequency:           17 MHz
Read ID and Status Clock Freq.: 48 MHz
Write and Erase Clock Freq.:    48 MHz
Fast Read is supported.
Fast Read Clock Frequency:      48 MHz
Dual Output Fast Read Support:  enabled
Invalid instruction 0:          0x21
Invalid instruction 1:          0x42
Invalid instruction 2:          0x60
Invalid instruction 3:          0xad
Invalid instruction 4:          0xb7
Invalid instruction 5:          0xb9
Invalid instruction 6:          0xc4
Invalid instruction 7:          0xc7

=== Region Section ===
FLREG0   0x00000000
FLREG1   0x0fff0200
FLREG2   0x01ff0001
FLREG3   0x00007fff
FLREG4   0x00007fff
FLREG5   0x00007fff
FLREG6   0x00007fff
FLREG7   0x00007fff
FLREG8   0x00007fff
FLREG9   0x00007fff

--- Details ---
Region 0 (Descr. ) 0x00000000 - 0x00000fff
Region 1 (BIOS   ) 0x00200000 - 0x00ffffff
Region 2 (ME     ) 0x00001000 - 0x001fffff
Region 3 (GbE    ) is unused.
Region 4 (Platf. ) is unused.
Region 5 (DevExp ) is unused.
Region 6 (BIOS2  ) is unused.
Region 7 (unknown) is unused.
Region 8 (EC/BMC ) is unused.
Region 9 (unknown) is unused.

=== Master Section ===
FLMSTR1  0x00a00b00
FLMSTR2  0x00c00d00
FLMSTR3  0x00800800

--- Details ---
      FD  BIOS  ME  GbE  Pltf Reg5 Reg6 Reg7  EC  Reg9
BIOS  r    rw        rw                              
ME    r         rw   rw                              
GbE                  rw                              

The following protocols are supported: Programmer-specific.
Probing for Generic HWSEQ chip, 0 kB: Chip identified: GD25Q127C/GD25Q128C
Found 1 attached SPI flash chip with a density of 16384 kB.
There are 4096 erase blocks with 4096 B each.
Found GigaDevice flash chip "GD25Q127C/GD25Q128C" (16384 kB, Programmer-specific) mapped at physical address 0x0000000000000000.
This chip may contain one-time programmable memory. flashrom cannot read
and may never be able to write it, hence it may not be able to completely
clone the contents of this chip (see man page for details).
No -i argument is specified, set ignore_fmap.
Reading Status register
Some block protection in effect, disabling... Writing status register
Reading Status register
Reading old contents from flash chip... 000000-0xffffff:R ignoring error when reading 0x0-0xffffff
fix_erasers_if_needed: kept eraser at 0
fill_sorted_erasers: found 1 valid erasers
000000..0a1fff   1000 x 162 eraser 0
0a9000..0a9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0ab000..0abfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0ad000..0adfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0af000..0affff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0b1000..0b7fff   1000 x 7 eraser 0
0b9000..0b9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0bb000..0bbfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0bd000..0bdfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0bf000..0bffff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0c1000..0c1fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0c3000..0c3fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0c5000..0c5fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0c7000..0c7fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0c9000..0c9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0cb000..0cbfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0cd000..0cdfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0cf000..0cffff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0d1000..0d1fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0d3000..0d3fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0d5000..0d5fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0d7000..0d7fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0d9000..0d9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0db000..0dbfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0dd000..0ddfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0df000..0dffff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0e1000..0e1fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0e3000..0e3fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0e5000..0e5fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0e7000..0e7fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0e9000..0e9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0eb000..0ebfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0ed000..0edfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0ef000..0effff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0f1000..0f1fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0f3000..0f3fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0f5000..0f5fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0f7000..0f7fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0f9000..0f9fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0fb000..0fbfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0fd000..0fdfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
0ff000..0fffff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
101000..101fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
103000..103fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
105000..105fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
107000..107fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
109000..109fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
10b000..10bfff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
111000..19bfff   1000 x 139 eraser 0
9d0000..9d3fff   1000 x 4 eraser 0
9e0000..9e1fff   1000 x 2 eraser 0
9f0000..9f0fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
9f4000..9f5fff   1000 x 2 eraser 0
9f8000..9f8fff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
9fa000..9fbfff   1000 x 2 eraser 0
a00000..a14fff   1000 x 21 eraser 0
bff000..dcafff   1000 x 460 eraser 0
dd8000..ea0fff   1000 x 201 eraser 0
ff4000..ffbfff   1000 x 8 eraser 0
fff000..ffffff   1000 x 1 eraser 0
Erasing and writing flash chip... 0x000000-0x000fff: E DENIED, 0x001000-0x001fff: W DENIED, 0x002000-0x002fff: W DENIED, 0x003000-0x003fff: W DENIED, 0x004000-0x004fff: W DENIED, 0x005000-0x005fff: W DENIED, 0x006000-0x006fff: W DENIED, 0x007000-0x007fff: W DENIED, 0x008000-0x008fff: W DENIED, 0x009000-0x009fff: W DENIED, 0x00a000-0x00afff: W DENIED, 0x00b000-0x00bfff: W DENIED, 0x00c000-0x00cfff: W DENIED, 0x00d000-0x00dfff: W DENIED, 0x00e000-0x00efff: W DENIED, 0x00f000-0x00ffff: W DENIED, 0x010000-0x010fff: W DENIED, 0x011000-0x011fff: W DENIED, 0x012000-0x012fff: W DENIED, 0x013000-0x013fff: W DENIED, 0x014000-0x014fff: W DENIED, 0x015000-0x015fff: W DENIED, 0x016000-0x016fff: W DENIED, 0x017000-0x017fff: W DENIED, 0x018000-0x018fff: W DENIED, 0x019000-0x019fff: W DENIED, 0x01a000-0x01afff: W DENIED, 0x01b000-0x01bfff: W DENIED, 0x01c000-0x01cfff: W DENIED, 0x01d000-0x01dfff: W DENIED, 0x01e000-0x01efff: W DENIED, 0x01f000-0x01ffff: W DENIED, 0x020000-0x020fff: W DENIED, 0x021000-0x021fff: W DENIED, 0x022000-0x022fff: W DENIED, 0x023000-0x023fff: W DENIED, 0x024000-0x024fff: W DENIED, 0x025000-0x025fff: W DENIED, 0x026000-0x026fff: W DENIED, 0x027000-0x027fff: W DENIED, 0x028000-0x028fff: W DENIED, 0x029000-0x029fff: W DENIED, 0x02a000-0x02afff: W DENIED, 0x02b000-0x02bfff: W DENIED, 0x02c000-0x02cfff: W DENIED, 0x02d000-0x02dfff: W DENIED, 0x02e000-0x02efff: W DENIED, 0x02f000-0x02ffff: W DENIED, 0x030000-0x030fff: W DENIED, 0x031000-0x031fff: W DENIED, 0x032000-0x032fff: W DENIED, 0x033000-0x033fff: W DENIED, 0x034000-0x034fff: W DENIED, 0x035000-0x035fff: W DENIED, 0x036000-0x036fff: W DENIED, 0x037000-0x037fff: W DENIED, 0x038000-0x038fff: W DENIED, 0x039000-0x039fff: W DENIED, 0x03a000-0x03afff: W DENIED, 0x03b000-0x03bfff: W DENIED, 0x03c000-0x03cfff: W DENIED, 0x03d000-0x03dfff: W DENIED, 0x03e000-0x03efff: W DENIED, 0x03f000-0x03ffff: W DENIED, 0x040000-0x040fff: W DENIED, 0x041000-0x041fff: W DENIED, 0x042000-0x042fff: W DENIED, 0x043000-0x043fff: W DENIED, 0x044000-0x044fff: W DENIED, 0x045000-0x045fff: W DENIED, 0x046000-0x046fff: W DENIED, 0x047000-0x047fff: W DENIED, 0x048000-0x048fff: W DENIED, 0x049000-0x049fff: W DENIED, 0x04a000-0x04afff: W DENIED, 0x04b000-0x04bfff: W DENIED, 0x04c000-0x04cfff: W DENIED, 0x04d000-0x04dfff: W DENIED, 0x04e000-0x04efff: W DENIED, 0x04f000-0x04ffff: W DENIED, 0x050000-0x050fff: W DENIED, 0x051000-0x051fff: W DENIED, 0x052000-0x052fff: W DENIED, 0x053000-0x053fff: W DENIED, 0x054000-0x054fff: W DENIED, 0x055000-0x055fff: W DENIED, 0x056000-0x056fff: W DENIED, 0x057000-0x057fff: W DENIED, 0x058000-0x058fff: W DENIED, 0x059000-0x059fff: W DENIED, 0x05a000-0x05afff: W DENIED, 0x05b000-0x05bfff: W DENIED, 0x05c000-0x05cfff: W DENIED, 0x05d000-0x05dfff: W DENIED, 0x05e000-0x05efff: W DENIED, 0x05f000-0x05ffff: W DENIED, 0x060000-0x060fff: W DENIED, 0x061000-0x061fff: W DENIED, 0x0620
00-0x062fff: W DENIED, 0x063000-0x063fff: W DENIED, 0x064000-0x064fff: W DENIED, 0x065000-0x065fff: W DENIED, 0x066000-0x066fff: W DENIED, 0x067000-0x067fff: W DENIED, 0x068000-0x068fff: W DENIED, 0x069000-0x069fff: W DENIED, 0x06a000-0x06afff: W DENIED, 0x06b000-0x06bfff: W DENIED, 0x06c000-0x06cfff: W DENIED, 0x06d000-0x06dfff: W DENIED, 0x06e000-0x06efff: W DENIED, 0x06f000-0x06ffff: W DENIED, 0x070000-0x070fff: W DENIED, 0x071000-0x071fff: W DENIED, 0x072000-0x072fff: W DENIED, 0x073000-0x073fff: W DENIED, 0x074000-0x074fff: W DENIED, 0x075000-0x075fff: W DENIED, 0x076000-0x076fff: W DENIED, 0x077000-0x077fff: W DENIED, 0x078000-0x078fff: W DENIED, 0x079000-0x079fff: W DENIED, 0x07a000-0x07afff: W DENIED, 0x07b000-0x07bfff: W DENIED, 0x07c000-0x07cfff: W DENIED, 0x07d000-0x07dfff: W DENIED, 0x07e000-0x07efff: W DENIED, 0x07f000-0x07ffff: W DENIED, 0x080000-0x080fff: W DENIED, 0x081000-0x081fff: W DENIED, 0x082000-0x082fff: W DENIED, 0x083000-0x083fff: W DENIED, 0x084000-0x084fff: W DENIED, 0x085000-0x085fff: W DENIED, 0x086000-0x086fff: W DENIED, 0x087000-0x087fff: W DENIED, 0x088000-0x088fff: W DENIED, 0x089000-0x089fff: W DENIED, 0x08a000-0x08afff: W DENIED, 0x08b000-0x08bfff: W DENIED, 0x08c000-0x08cfff: W DENIED, 0x08d000-0x08dfff: W DENIED, 0x08e000-0x08efff: W DENIED, 0x08f000-0x08ffff: W DENIED, 0x090000-0x090fff: W DENIED, 0x091000-0x091fff: W DENIED, 0x092000-0x092fff: W DENIED, 0x093000-0x093fff: W DENIED, 0x094000-0x094fff: W DENIED, 0x095000-0x095fff: W DENIED, 0x096000-0x096fff: W DENIED, 0x097000-0x097fff: W DENIED, 0x098000-0x098fff: W DENIED, 0x099000-0x099fff: W DENIED, 0x09a000-0x09afff: W DENIED, 0x09b000-0x09bfff: W DENIED, 0x09c000-0x09cfff: W DENIED, 0x09d000-0x09dfff: W DENIED, 0x09e000-0x09efff: W DENIED, 0x09f000-0x09ffff: W DENIED, 0x0a0000-0x0a0fff: W DENIED, 0x0a1000-0x0a1fff: W DENIED, 0x0a9000-0x0a9fff: W DENIED, 0x0ab000-0x0abfff: W DENIED, 0x0ad000-0x0adfff: W DENIED, 0x0af000-0x0affff: W DENIED, 0x0b1000-0x0b1fff: W DENIED, 0x0b2000-0x0b2fff: W DENIED, 0x0b3000-0x0b3fff: W DENIED, 0x0b4000-0x0b4fff: W DENIED, 0x0b5000-0x0b5fff: W DENIED, 0x0b6000-0x0b6fff: W DENIED, 0x0b7000-0x0b7fff: W DENIED, 0x0b9000-0x0b9fff: W DENIED, 0x0bb000-0x0bbfff: W DENIED, 0x0bd000-0x0bdfff: W DENIED, 0x0bf000-0x0bffff: W DENIED, 0x0c1000-0x0c1fff: W DENIED, 0x0c3000-0x0c3fff: W DENIED, 0x0c5000-0x0c5fff: W DENIED, 0x0c7000-0x0c7fff: W DENIED, 0x0c9000-0x0c9fff: W DENIED, 0x0cb000-0x0cbfff: W DENIED, 0x0cd000-0x0cdfff: W DENIED, 0x0cf000-0x0cffff: W DENIED, 0x0d1000-0x0d1fff: W DENIED, 0x0d3000-0x0d3fff: W DENIED, 0x0d5000-0x0d5fff: W DENIED, 0x0d7000-0x0d7fff: W DENIED, 0x0d9000-0x0d9fff: W DENIED, 0x0db000-0x0dbfff: W DENIED, 0x0dd000-0x0ddfff: W DENIED, 0x0df000-0x0dffff: W DENIED, 0x0e1000-0x0e1fff: W DENIED, 0x0e3000-0x0e3fff: W DENIED, 0x0e5000-0x0e5fff: W DENIED, 0x0e7000-0x0e7fff: W DENIED, 0x0e9000-0x0e9fff: W DENIED, 0x0eb000-0x0ebfff: W DENIED, 0x0ed000-0x0edfff: W DENIED, 0x0ef000-0x0effff: W DENIED, 0x0f1000-0x0f1fff: W DENIED, 0x0f3000-0x0f3fff: W DENIED, 0x0f5000-0x0f5fff: W DENIED, 0x0f7000-0x0f7fff: W DENIED, 0x0f9000-0x0f9fff: W DENIED, 0x0fb000-0x0fbfff: W DENIED, 0x0fd000-0x0fdfff: W DENIED, 0x0ff000-0x0fffff: W DENIED, 0x101000-0x101fff: W DENIED, 0x103000-0x103fff: W DENIED, 0x105000-0x105fff: W DENIED, 0x107000-0x107fff: W DENIED, 0x109000-0x109fff: W DENIED, 0x10b000-0x10bfff: W DENIED, 0x111000-0x111fff: W DENIED, 0x112000-0x112fff: W DENIED, 0x113000-0x113fff: W DENIED, 0x114000-0x114fff: W DENIED, 0x115000-0x115fff: W DENIED, 0x116000-0x116fff: W DENIED, 0x117000-0x117fff: W DENIED, 0x118000-0x118fff: W DENIED, 0x119000-0x119fff: W DENIED, 0x11a000-0x11afff: W DENIED, 0x11b000-0x11bfff: W DENIED, 0x11c000-0x11cfff: W DENIED, 0x11d000-0x11dfff: W DENIED, 0x11e000-0x11efff: W DENIED, 0x11f000-0x11ffff: W DENIED, 0x120000-0x120fff: W DENIED, 0x121000-0x121fff: W DENIED, 0x122000-0x122fff: W DENIED, 0x123000-0x123fff: W 
DENIED, 0x124000-0x124fff: W DENIED, 0x125000-0x125fff: W DENIED, 0x126000-0x126fff: W DENIED, 0x127000-0x127fff: W DENIED, 0x128000-0x128fff: W DENIED, 0x129000-0x129fff: W DENIED, 0x12a000-0x12afff: W DENIED, 0x12b000-0x12bfff: W DENIED, 0x12c000-0x12cfff: W DENIED, 0x12d000-0x12dfff: W DENIED, 0x12e000-0x12efff: W DENIED, 0x12f000-0x12ffff: W DENIED, 0x130000-0x130fff: W DENIED, 0x131000-0x131fff: W DENIED, 0x132000-0x132fff: W DENIED, 0x133000-0x133fff: W DENIED, 0x134000-0x134fff: W DENIED, 0x135000-0x135fff: W DENIED, 0x136000-0x136fff: W DENIED, 0x137000-0x137fff: W DENIED, 0x138000-0x138fff: W DENIED, 0x139000-0x139fff: W DENIED, 0x13a000-0x13afff: W DENIED, 0x13b000-0x13bfff: W DENIED, 0x13c000-0x13cfff: W DENIED, 0x13d000-0x13dfff: W DENIED, 0x13e000-0x13efff: W DENIED, 0x13f000-0x13ffff: W DENIED, 0x140000-0x140fff: W DENIED, 0x141000-0x141fff: W DENIED, 0x142000-0x142fff: W DENIED, 0x143000-0x143fff: W DENIED, 0x144000-0x144fff: W DENIED, 0x145000-0x145fff: W DENIED, 0x146000-0x146fff: W DENIED, 0x147000-0x147fff: W DENIED, 0x148000-0x148fff: W DENIED, 0x149000-0x149fff: W DENIED, 0x14a000-0x14afff: W DENIED, 0x14b000-0x14bfff: W DENIED, 0x14c000-0x14cfff: W DENIED, 0x14d000-0x14dfff: W DENIED, 0x14e000-0x14efff: W DENIED, 0x14f000-0x14ffff: W DENIED, 0x150000-0x150fff: W DENIED, 0x151000-0x151fff: W DENIED, 0x152000-0x152fff: W DENIED, 0x153000-0x153fff: W DENIED, 0x154000-0x154fff: W DENIED, 0x155000-0x155fff: W DENIED, 0x156000-0x156fff: W DENIED, 0x157000-0x157fff: W DENIED, 0x158000-0x158fff: W DENIED, 0x159000-0x159fff: W DENIED, 0x15a000-0x15afff: W DENIED, 0x15b000-0x15bfff: W DENIED, 0x15c000-0x15cfff: W DENIED, 0x15d000-0x15dfff: W DENIED, 0x15e000-0x15efff: W DENIED, 0x15f000-0x15ffff: W DENIED, 0x160000-0x160fff: W DENIED, 0x161000-0x161fff: W DENIED, 0x162000-0x162fff: W DENIED, 0x163000-0x163fff: W DENIED, 0x164000-0x164fff: W DENIED, 0x165000-0x165fff: W DENIED, 0x166000-0x166fff: W DENIED, 0x167000-0x167fff: W DENIED, 0x168000-0x168fff: W DENIED, 0x169000-0x169fff: W DENIED, 0x16a000-0x16afff: W DENIED, 0x16b000-0x16bfff: W DENIED, 
0x16c000-0x16cfff: W DENIED, 0x16d000-0x16dfff: W DENIED, 0x16e000-0x16efff: W DENIED, 0x16f000-0x16ffff: W DENIED, 0x170000-0x170fff: W DENIED, 0x171000-0x171fff: W DENIED, 0x172000-0x172fff: W DENIED, 0x173000-0x173fff: W DENIED, 0x174000-0x174fff: W DENIED, 0x175000-0x175fff: W DENIED, 0x176000-0x176fff: W DENIED, 0x177000-0x177fff: W DENIED, 0x178000-0x178fff: W DENIED, 0x179000-0x179fff: W DENIED, 0x17a000-0x17afff: W DENIED, 0x17b000-0x17bfff: W DENIED, 0x17c000-0x17cfff: W DENIED, 0x17d000-0x17dfff: W DENIED, 0x17e000-0x17efff: W DENIED, 0x17f000-0x17ffff: W DENIED, 0x180000-0x180fff: W DENIED, 0x181000-0x181fff: W DENIED, 0x182000-0x182fff: W DENIED, 0x183000-0x183fff: W DENIED, 0x184000-0x184fff: W DENIED, 0x185000-0x185fff: W DENIED, 0x186000-0x186fff: W DENIED, 0x187000-0x187fff: W DENIED, 0x188000-0x188fff: W DENIED, 0x189000-0x189fff: W DENIED, 0x18a000-0x18afff: W DENIED, 0x18b000-0x18bfff: W DENIED, 0x18c000-0x18cfff: W DENIED, 0x18d000-0x18dfff: W DENIED, 0x18e000-0x18efff: W DENIED, 0x18f000-0x18ffff: W DENIED, 0x190000-0x190fff: W DENIED, 0x191000-0x191fff: W DENIED, 0x192000-0x192fff: W DENIED, 0x193000-0x193fff: W DENIED, 0x194000-0x194fff: W DENIED, 0x195000-0x195fff: W DENIED, 0x196000-0x196fff: W DENIED, 0x197000-0x197fff: W DENIED, 0x198000-0x198fff: W DENIED, 0x199000-0x199fff: W DENIED, 0x19a000-0x19afff: W DENIED, 0x19b000-0x19bfff: W DENIED, 0x9d0000-0x9d0fff: ETransaction error between offset 0x009d0000 and 0x009d0fff (= 0x009d0000 + 4095)
Uh oh. Erase/write failed. Checking if anything changed.
Reading current flash chip contents... 000000-0xffffff:R ignoring error when reading 0x0-0xffffff
Good, writing to the flash chip apparently didn't do anything.
This means we have to add special support for your board, programmer or flash
chip. Please report this on IRC at (channel #flashrom) or
mail, thanks!
You may now reboot or simply leave the machine running.
restoring chip status (0x60)
Writing status register
Restoring PCI config space for 00:1f:5 reg 0xdc
Restoring PCI config space for 00:1f:5 reg 0xdc
restore_power_management: Re-enabling power management.
An error occurred flashing the Full ROM firmware. DO NOT REBOOT!