This could be a totally wrong place for what I am trying to accomplish but it doesn't hurt to ask.

I joined flashrom in hope that it will help me. I have an older HP small-factor desktop computer where the BIOS
is somewhat limited for any adjusting/ changes. It takes forever to boot to any OS I load and I was hoping that
by flashing and getting an open BIOS things will get faster and better.
Now, I have no real knowledge for doing so - I am an old guy who would like to think that I can find enough info
to do so. Is this the place that can help me for my task?
If so (or not) can you point me in the right direction. I can totally understand instruction of type:
open this, download that, extract and boot with to execute...etc. Too many technical terms will confuse me... 
I also understand if you don't have time to waste on an old guy and in that case just tell me to bug off...

Thank you in advance.