Dear Flashrom Team,

As the title suggest, I flashed my old Asus M2V with coreboot but now it doesn't boot anymore.

I'm guessing it has more to do with the coreboot rom than with the flashing procedure but I'd like to know if you had an idea to what could have caused this failure ?

To flash the MB I used the following command :

$ sudo flashrom -p internal -w <mycorebootrom>

It successfully flashed a chip (ST something) which is a removable chip on the motherboard. So with this success I decided to reboot the computer but then nothing, screen stays black, no beeping, no keyboard light, only the hard drive led stays on permanently

What I tested :
I unplugged everything, FDD, HDD, cdrom drive, usb internal connectors, I only let inside the graphic card (a PCI-E Nvidia GF 6600GT) and a stick of RAM

I tested with another PCI-E Nvidia card (I don't have any other brand to test with) and with multiple combination of RAM sticks (1, 2 sticks, dual channel slots or not, 512 MB and 2 GB)

Now the only thing I could try I guess is remove the ST chip and flash it with an external programmer ? I backed up the original MB rom before flashing.

I hope you'll have an idea on what went wrong, if not my next stop will be the coreboot team :)

Anyway thanks a lot for your great work !

Best regards,