Hi there. I tried to probe for/read the bios chip in my Dell T3400 (desktop pc) using Flashrom 0.9.4 and 1.2  It detected chipset is Intel ICH9R and then failed. FlashRom 0.9.4 found 2 flash chips AT25DF081A and AT26DF081A then failed to read. But I could see on the mobo only one chip AT26DF081A FlashRom 1.2 failed on Probe/Read while trying Hardware Sequencing. I've attached the logs to this email. Looking at the list of supported chips, I saw that success with this Intel chipset was "config-dependent". So what corrections to get FlashRom to work for my Dell? or What flash utility do you advise so I can get a copy of the bios chip?
Thanks for your help, Etonam.