Hi all,

I have a SuperMicro H8QG6/i-F motherboard, which I recently attempted to flash with flashrom.  As per the man page, I probed the rom first, then made a backup of the current state, which I have.  Initially, the probe reported my chip as a "SST SST25VF016B", with the probe, read, and write operations supported.  I attempted to flash another copy of the current rom (obtained from super micro's website), and it complained about not being able to erase, then said "SUCCESS" and "done", and "COMPLETE".  Then it started verifying, and the verify failed.  I then tried to restore the backup I had made, and it now reports the chip as a "SST unknown SST SPI chip", with all four operations not working.  Attached are the output of the failed flash attempt, and a probe from after that attempt.