I am a newbie, so please be patient.
I want flash my bios because I have a suspect of an internal rootkit.
I have found the following link
where it looks pretty easy to flash the chip by raspberry.
I have a pomona 5250 clip and my problem is connect the clip to the exact pins on the W25X32 chip (from raspberry).
I have downloaded the datasheet  here:
In the above link (https://tomvanveen.eu/flashing-bios-chip-raspberry-pi/) there is the schema to connect the wires.. but what I don't understand is if the raspberry pin 17 must be connected to 3 pins on the chip.. On the schema there is written:

(raspberry) 17 ---> (w25x32) VCC 3.3V and /HOLD and /WP

Then do I have to connect the pin 17 to vcc and /hold and /wp ????
I ask this because seeing  the photos it looks connected to just one pin.
Thank you very much.