Hello Everyone,

One good idea came up recently: to organize a “Flashrom Developers Meeting” so that we can talk to each other, discuss current development and future plans! The idea is, specifically, to have it regularly - and once a month seems just about right.
The attendance will be, obviously, entirely optional, however one thing is important: to take notes from what has been discussed (and notes should be public).

The main two questions are: when? (time) and which software to use.

Time is a tricky question, and it depends on who is going to attend the meeting. We can optimize either for EU-US or for EU-AU. I can say for sure, we have at least one person from AU who is going to attend ;) (that’s me).
If it turns out that we have people all over the planet who want to attend, and there is no one time that suits all, then as a plan B we can alternate between two options. That will be time1 and time2 alternating.

Software. What do people use and like? I am used to Google Meet, and don’t know much about other options.

What do people think of the idea? Let’s discuss!