2010/1/27 Yuri Schaeffer <yuri@schaeffer.tk>
Idwer Vollering wrote:
> Luc: the chip itself doesn't appear to be broken because writing a
> 512KB file created with dd from /dev/zero and reading it back, then
> comparing the empty and readout file with md5sum shows that the files
> are identical (ergo empty)

If I remember correctly erasing the chip would work correctly on my own
machine as well. Ah yes:

(self-quote 2009-10-19)
- The chip does Erase properly
- writing an all 0xFF file does work correctly.

Have you tried to write one of the images?

 I have written I1300114.BIN ( http://www.via.com.tw/servlet/downloadSvl?id=400&download_file_id=4942&outSideRedrictFlag=1637623172361 ) a minute ago, read the chip and compared the md5sums of the readout and the downloaded file: they match.

Michael Karcher wrote:
> yuri: Please run memtest86 on your machine. You might have memory
> problems that cause silent data corruption.

I sincerely doubt that, but lets rule it out anyway. I'll have
memtest run a couple of hours this week.

Did memtest report any errors ?