The title pretty much sums it up, however here are the details.

I have managed to get a hold of my laptop's schematics due to them being leaked.
I am currently working with someone over at Bios-Mods to modify the firmware ("unlocking it").
Interestingly, this laptop (which I had already updated it's firmware), has no WiFi whitelist, and I had bought brand-new, about a month after it came out.

The EC controller, an ITE IT8586E-LQFP, is connected via the LCP bus, and the touchpad, internal keyboard, and the NCT7718W thermal sensor are all connected to it, according to the schematics.
I forget whether I have the same exact chip (though I believe it to be so) on my laptop, as 99% of the details match my laptop.
The schematics refer to 2 SPI chips, an 8MB W25Q64FVSSIQ_SO8 on UC3 as the main SPI chip, and an 4MB W25Q32FVSSIQ_SO8 on UC6 as backup.
I have only one SPI chip, an 8MB W25Q64FVS1011532 on UC3, with the UC6 solder point existing, so I could theoretically solder a backup SPI chip.
A TPM chip, the Z32H320TC, also sits on the LCP bus, with a direct connection to the chipset, unlike the touchpad, internal keyboard and the thermal sensor, according to the schematics.
I forget whether I have this TPM chip, but once again, I believe that it is so.

The IdeaPad 300-15's motherboard is codenamed "Paris".

It also (optionally) comes with an AMD dGPU, without direct connection to any graphical output.
My specific model only has no dGPU.

Can anyone help me with my research? I'm still not very experienced with the actual work regarding electronics, most of my experience is with researching them.
If there is any more information required from the schematics, I'll gladly share them, and if anyone wants the schematics, I can send them over.