There are sadly some tonns of fake nvidia gpu models out there. The chip is always the same. Its always the Nvidia GF116 chipset. This this are always GTS450 ot 550ti models.
The GPUs get always a fake bios and the proprietary nvflash tool dont flash those when the fake model number is been flashed on the bios chip. You have to desolder the SPI chip, flash externally with flashrom and for example the ch341a, and then solder it back in again. And this is too much work for about 99% of the people that got scammed. The issue now is that the GPUs cant be used and the people have to throw it away - this is wasting earth matherials, time and much much more. When you install the closed source nvidia driver, the driver crash because the wrong driver is been choosen. Nouveau also dont properly because of the wrong model number of the GPU.

Some more information about the GPU chip itself:

You can get those GPUs for free thanks to ebay and paypal. You have to write to the chinase scammer over ebay and requrest a refund. They would refuse. Then enable PayPal and DONT tell at any point about "fake". Just tell them that the gpu should for example support vulkan api but it does not and crash when you try to use vulkan. Then you get whole money back again (because card is "broken" or name it like you want).

Why missing flashrom support is so important: The gpus cant be used in any propper way until a working bios is been flashed.
Info: 128Bit in naming mean GTS450. 192bit in naming means 550TI.

Here some links to those fake gpus:

Then all cheap-people can start buyng those, refunding those and using flashrom to get a free GTS450/550TI card and thus ruin the profit making chinese scammers.

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