On 12/05/2015 03:01 PM, Neb Radojkovic wrote:

I joined flashrom in hope that it will help me. I have an older HP small-factor desktop computer where the BIOS
is somewhat limited for any adjusting/ changes. It takes forever to boot to any OS I load and I was hoping that
by flashing and getting an open BIOS things will get faster and better.
Now, I have no real knowledge for doing so - I am an old guy who would like to think that I can find enough info
to do so. Is this the place that can help me for my task?

Hi Neb,

Yes this probably the wrong list for this discussion.

There are much easier ways to save time.  There is the obvious risk of installing
a BIOS which doesn't work and turning your PC into a brick.  It sounds like you are hoping
for a script to follow - it isn't that easy.

I'm new to this list too and planning to use flashrom to backup the prom in a router
before trying an open source firmware.  Flashrom might be part of the process
but you should start by looking at the firmware you plan to use.  One project doing
a BIOS replacement is coreboot.org.   They have lists of supported hardware.  It is
important to understand that hardware vendors may use the same name for different
hardware.  Close isn't good enough.

Jim Houston