I have the code built and running on a Raspberry PI.  Unfortunately, the target part I am trying to program is a Micron N25Q256.  I don’t see that part in the list.   When I execute the program with –VV   it seems to scan lots of devices.  I see activity on CLK, CS, MOSI with an oscilloscope.  But MISO remains logic low.   When the program terminates,  it just tells me No EEPROM/Flash device found.


Stupid Noob Questions:

1.        Is the static level on MISO to be expected?  Or should it at least toggle?

2.        Is there any hope with this device?    Can I perhaps force it to think the chip is smaller?


Thanks for any help or suggestions.


----- Steve


P.S.   This device is not on a production Motherboard.  It is on an ARM processor board that we are developing.  The board is a new design that will not boot.  I am attempting to program this SPI EEPROM to at least get into a UBOOT environment.