Hello People,

I wanted to summarise the information on the time of Dev meeting. At some point there was an idea to alternate times, but then we discovered that we got really lucky and there is one time which everyone agrees on. That was an open question at the last meeting, to confirm the time with those US folks who were not present. Since no one was replying to the mailing list, I reached out to folks and confirmed the time is fine.


#1 Between November and March (inclusive) time of meeting:

Wednesday 21:00-22:00 UTC+0

also known as
Wednesday 13.00-14.00 Pacific Standard Time UTC-8
Wednesday 22.00-23.00 Central European Time UTC+1
Thursday 8.00-9.00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time UTC+11

#2 Between April and September (inclusive) time of meeting:

Thursday 6.00-7.00am UTC+0

also known as
Wednesday 11pm-midnight Pacific Daylight Time UTC-7
Thursday 8.00-9.00am Central European Summer Time UTC+2
Thursday 16.00-17.00 Australian Eastern Standard Time UTC+10

#3 Note that in the last week of March and 4 weeks of October there will be no meetings, because daylight saving time changes are happening on different dates in different locations, and setting up meeting time becomes too complicated.

Once the regularity is stable, I will add info about Dev meeting on the Contacts page.


#1 When is the next meeting?

Look into the meeting notes document. The top entry, on the first page, with the date in the future, and empty list of attendees - is the next meeting.

#2 How to join the meeting?

Look into the meeting notes document. On the top it says “to join, click the link”, click the link.

#3 Where is that document?

Meeting notes document is linked to the Home page of flashrom.org, Developers menu at the bottom of the page.

#4 Do I need an invitation to join the meeting?

No, just join.