Hello Alan,

Did you tried to do clear CMOS to see if it fixes your issue to boot on the CD/DVD ?

Anyway, if you want to upgrade your BIOS, you will first need a valid BIOS image of your computer/motherboard. Do you have it ?


2015-12-19 5:27 GMT+01:00 Alan Bruce <alandbruce@gmail.com>:
I did go to the FAQ on your website and clicked on "How Do I Use Flashrom".  The attached screenshot is what I got.  So, how do I use this program.  I would not mind paying someone a few bucks to remotely re configure my BIOS.  I think that it has been hacked and modified. 

On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 6:32 PM, Alan Bruce <alandbruce@gmail.com> wrote:
Name is Alan.  I am running an older Compaq Presario Desktop PC the model number is SR2264WM.  it is an AMD 64 Athlion model.  The operating system is Ubuntu 10.04.  I just loved this OS and failed to upgrade before it was too late as it is now unsupported.  So I downloaded Ubuntu 15.04 and was preparing to install it.  All of a sudden my BIOS will not go to the boot menu when I press the ESC key upon startup, like it used to do.  Although I downloaded flashrom from the Ubuntu Software Center, I am unable to find it on my PC and access the program to reset my BIOS.  So how do I access this program?  Your suggestions and advise will be greatly appreciated.

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